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Client: Madhu

Siva helped me with Reiki treatment for my tennis elbow issue. I thought it’s going to hurt more than it was. But on the second day after playing my usual tennis, I noticed that the pain had significantly subsided. I noticed more improvements as he completed the course of a week's treatment. It is remarkable how it has healed well with reiki treatment. I strongly recommend to any naysayers out there to give it a try with an open mind. Thank you Siva 🙏 and god bless.

Client: Lourice

Siva is a great healer. He uses Reiki modalities to provide energy healing on all levels (physical pain, emotional, mental, and spiritual). He is attentive to the areas that need work and always checks in and follows up on how you are feeling.  I recommend a healing session with him.

Client: Gokul

Reiki healing is just like believing in God we can’t see but we can receive blessings. 😇 I have received advice from my Friend Mr. Siva for wealth to practice. I see the small different financially or else in other words it's giving me the courage to face the financial issue 👍🏻 It's just the beginning I need to get it from him for my Health also! In near future. All the very Best to Mr. Siva and to his Team 🙏🏻

Client: Sangeeta

I met Siva while doing our Master training for Reiki. It was COVID year and our training was on zoom. So although we never met in person, we went through our training together. After that, Siva would send me long distance Reiki every Sunday evenings.  It always made me relax and feel at peace. He also sent Reiki to my mom, who was suffering through illness.  Thank you, Siva for all the Reiki and healing vibes you have sent to us.

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