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An Introduction to Reiki

A simple, modified presentation to what reiki can do for you

  Reiki is an alternative form of medication that commonly involves using energies to heal you. It was first founded in Japan during the early 1920s and started to grow popular around the late 2010s. Reiki practitioners use the energy of the universe to help the flow of energy through the body and help to remove obstacles that could be blocking the energy flow. This could be compared to acupuncture or acupressure. The energies that Reiki use are known as qi ("chi"). It's the life force energy that is believed to be surrounding all of us. Reiki experts point out that many who are ‘in tune’ with their energies can live more positive lifestyles.      


  One of the major benefits of Reiki is 'distance healing'. Distance healing is when a Reiki practitioner, where positive energies sent over thousands of miles to the client. This requires intense concentration from the Reiki practitioner and is known to help clients immensely.  This means that you can get healed right from the comfort of your home!


  Reiki can also help you even if you don't have an illness. Reiki can help to support your physical body. This includes helping you feel less tired, helping your body go to sleep, and helping your muscles relax. Not only can your body benefit from Reiki, but your mind can too! Reiki can help promote a positive mindset for you. Reiki also emphasizes more on being well, instead of being ill. This can help encourage your thinking and help you find more bits of happiness in your life.

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