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The motto of our service is to enable everyone to receive Reiki as this powerful healing can be used for our treatments and to make wise life decisions. They can be a source of guidance to our next steps in our life by connecting to our higher selves and downloading guidance as intuition.

To provide more accessibility and to speed up the process will also provide Energy Circles and Swtichwords (if available for the diagnosis).

Our main method of healing is Kwan Yin Healing. Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion and a powerful healer. With Kwan Yin's blessings healing will be happening in a different dimension beyond reality.

What We Offer

This technique uses the Magnified Healing process which initiates a connection between the powerful divine source and the healer by invoking Kwan Yin. Before a healing process can start, the healer will have a prayer to connect and invoke Kwan Yin. When the healing starts it involves magnified energy relayed to the receiver.


What can Kwan Yin Healing do?

Rewire nervous System - Using the power of Kwan Yin we can improve the rewiring process of our nervous system.

Karmic clearance - Karmic blocks that prevent us from leading an everyday life can be healed.

Healing our DNA - Restoring our DNA structure is vital and Kwan Yin can support us in this healing process. 

Additional Services

Check out what we offer and see what fits your needs!

Massage room

Crystal Healing

Crystals are good at absorbing negative energies and imparting positive energies into our chakras. Crystal healing is a process to clear our chakras from any blockages that limit their functioning. There are a couple of ways to treat Crystals, either by placing the right crystals on their chakras or using a dowsing pendulum with the right crystals for the chakras that can do the magic. This helps in balancing the chakras and also helps us in having a healthy body.

Strokes of Cream

Heart Centered Reiki

Heart Centered Reiki is a very important critical art of healing that is based on the heart chakra. This heart chakra is the conduit between higher chakras and lower chakras. Lower chakras contribute to our life here in this world and the chakras above the heart are meant to connect with divine sources and improve our ability to achieve success in both worlds.


Angelic Healing

These are one of the most powerful healing modalities as they involve invoking powerful Angels and Archangels to assist in the healing process. Archangel Raphael is the most powerful healer of all time and with his assistance, healing energy gets multiplied and helps us in faster healing.

Pendulum Dowsing

One of the effective tools used for divination is Pendulums Dowsing.  Pendulum dowsing helps an individual to get answers and also can be used to provide directions. Questions like "Should I start my own business or should I relocate" and so on will be answered. Pendulums provide solutions partly with our intuition and also divinely guided by highly spiritual souls.

Some of the questions that can be answered using Pendulum Dowsing include:

When will I get married?

Is this job a good fit for me?

Should I relocate?

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